“Quick” certification should be depended upon by you and your skills to achieve results. If you have not ever performed Lash lifting before you may find it harder than others to get amazing assessment images or results in your class.

I often find those who have worked consistently with the eye area (those that perform lash extensions and tinting work often) do pick up the treatment easily. Of course that doesn’t rule others out but I just want you to consider those factors.

Lash lifting is a wonderful treatment to offer in your salon and gives clients an immediate result that last for the duration of their Lash growth cycle.

If you are looking for a course we do have options available to you and researching the brand and its benefits will help you make a good choice for your clients. Some lash lift brands are very different and the process required to perform the treatment will vary from brand to brand.

I am Official Ruthie Belle Trainer and I am very confident that our course is extremely comprehensive and informative but the choice of brand and training will in the end come down to what suits you and your salon/clients.

If you do choose Ruthie Belle, please know you have a load of support from around the globe to help you with your business.

All the best!